Bare Escentuals Test Drive

BekitWhat's the scariest way to start a new makeup/foundation regimen? I have to say it involves ditching your regular foundation, buying a new and completely type of coverage and then going on a trip for a couple of days with only the new stuff on hand. Well, I did just that when I chose to leave my regular foundation and powder at home and pack my brand new Bare Escentuals Get Started Kit for my three-day trip to Las Vegas (I attended CES, the largest Consumer Electronics Show).

If that's not scary enough, try getting a comment on your blog from from someone who says that using said product led them to get a severe case of cystic acne. How about reading the comment while you're wearing the damn stuff! I felt like I had just discovered that I was wearing something radioactive and had moments to live.

I have to say that despite the risk I took (lack of good coverage, break-outs, weird mineral poisoning, the growth of an extra appendage), I'm really loving Bare Escentuals. I find that the coverage is subtle (maybe because the DVD that came with the kit scared me into the world would end if I put too much on or if I didn't swirl well enough), yet adequate. Many of the issues I've read about Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals involve shininess and itching and though I haven't had those problems, my skin seems to be dryer than usual. Maybe that's just because I was in Vegas and that place dries skin on its own.

I like the coverage a lot -- particularly after applying "Warmth." And, I feel like it covers me all day. I did a lot of speaking over the past couple days and I felt confident that I was all even-toned and stuff. And, more importantly I liked how I looked. The Mineral Veil does a great job covering my pores, but I still worry about what prolonged usage will do. Will I break out? Will my face get completely dried out? Will my face peel off?

I'm still very interested in hearing the experiences of others who have used Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals.

Mineral Makeup: Just what is it?

So I'm watching late-night television and suddenly Leeza Gibbons and Melissa Mineral Gilbert are peddling Sheer Cover makeup. My first instinct was to change the channel, but then I realized that's not in the Miss Tified spirit. I'm pretty hesitant to believe informercials so I did a little searching to see what people are saying about Sheer Cover. What I found was a lot of spam blogs and this.

Ok, but what's so special mineral makeup (what Sheer Cover is supposed to be)? Bare Escentuals seems to be the best, or at least most recognizable, brand out there. From the "Behind the Brand" section on Sephora:

A pioneer of mineral makeup, the brands i.d. bareMinerals line uses 100 percent pure, micronized minerals and is favored by dermatologists because it's free of preservatives, fragrance, oil, talc, and other potentially skin irritating ingredients. Thanks to its zero irritability factor, this skin-loving formula is a dream come true for millions of women struggling with sensitive skin, rosacea, and acne. The creamy, weightless minerals create a flawless finish, all while improving the condition and appearance of your skin.

So, what's the deal behind mineral makeup? Is it really all that?

Bathtopia Bath of the Month

Mid_logoWhat's the best sort of Christmas present? Anything that's "of a month" kind, of course. That's why I'm totally excited about the Christmas present I just received today (it was delivered to our office instead of home) from my husband, Ben.

Bubbleroome Bathtopia's Bath of the Month delivers 12 bath goodies over the course of a year -- from bubble baths, bath salts, bath fizzies to foaming bath oils. This month's product comes from The Bubble Roome (read their blog) and is an 18oz Sandlewood and Neroli bubble bath. Also included is a little packet of foaming bath flakes from Institut Karite Paris.

Yay gifts that keep on giving!

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

Ok, so I'm determined to try and test all the products in Allure's Legend of the Mall article from November 2006. The first product I tried was Guerlain Meteorites and at about $65 was a pretty big gamble. Today's product is about fifteen times less money and at initial use seems to make about fifteen times more of an impact.

Allure Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream is something that I've seen for years but have never tried. I'm not a lotion type of girl. In fact, I'm so bad to my skin that I usually shave my legs dry! Maybe kicking that will be my New Year's resolution. Anyway, Allure writes about the history of Norwegian Formula Hand Cream:

Faced with some of the harshest weather on earth, the [Norwegian] fishermen swore by a glycerin-based formula developed by a local chemist for preventing dryness and chapping...[it] became a staple for men working in the region and was still being used two decades later in the 1960s when the Norwegian company who owned the patent sent it to Neutrogena.

Norwegian fisherman from the 1940s loved it? You had me at 'Goddag.'

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Udderly Smooth Hands with Udder Cream

200m With a warning like the warning below, it's hard to imagine wanting to put Udderly Smooth Udder Cream on your body, let alone your milking cow:

Do not use on parts affected with cow pox, as such use may contribute to the spread of the infection.

Udderly Smooth is indeed strong enough for a woman, but made for a cow. But don't worry, it's completely human safe and is even packaged for women (and men) in the cosmetics section of your local drugstore. I've been exposed to Udderly Smooth for quite some time (perhaps because I spent my formative years in Petaluma where people actually do use udder cream on their cows).

It's greaseless and won't stain and the best part is that if you get passed the name and don't care about fancy smelling perfumes or colors, you're getting a great 4 ounce lotion for $1.99.


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