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Mineral Makeup: Just what is it?

So I'm watching late-night television and suddenly Leeza Gibbons and Melissa Mineral Gilbert are peddling Sheer Cover makeup. My first instinct was to change the channel, but then I realized that's not in the Miss Tified spirit. I'm pretty hesitant to believe informercials so I did a little searching to see what people are saying about Sheer Cover. What I found was a lot of spam blogs and this.

Ok, but what's so special mineral makeup (what Sheer Cover is supposed to be)? Bare Escentuals seems to be the best, or at least most recognizable, brand out there. From the "Behind the Brand" section on Sephora:

A pioneer of mineral makeup, the brands i.d. bareMinerals line uses 100 percent pure, micronized minerals and is favored by dermatologists because it's free of preservatives, fragrance, oil, talc, and other potentially skin irritating ingredients. Thanks to its zero irritability factor, this skin-loving formula is a dream come true for millions of women struggling with sensitive skin, rosacea, and acne. The creamy, weightless minerals create a flawless finish, all while improving the condition and appearance of your skin.

So, what's the deal behind mineral makeup? Is it really all that?



I had a terrible experience with ID Bareminerals make up. Marketed for sensitive acne prone skin? Hrumphhh! I developed a rash couple of days after using it and then cystic acne which I had not had for years came calling and took 6 months to get rid of. If you check the reviews on makeupalley you will see a lot of similar experiences to mine as well as some good experiences. It seems to be one of those products you have to try to see if you like it or not, but if you have sensitive skin & are acne prone beware! Also I have heard that Jane Iredale is better quality, but at this point I am to afraid to try any mineral make up in the near future.

Rachael Flanders

I had really good luck with Erth Minerals. http://www.lushbrush.com

They don't use bismuth oxychloride which caused my skin to break out.


I began using BE several years ago but had two problems with it; it did cause breakouts and it did make my skin "shiny." I'm 33, have pretty decent skin and I liked the coverage, liked the idea but it just was never "right."

I tried all the other mineral powders from Jane Iredel to those found in Whole Foods and again, problems with colour or consistency.

After reading in a forum, I discovered my skin is allergic to Bismuth Oxide, which is in BE and their night BE (except for the clear). Then I found Every Day Minerals and this has been perfect!

I tried a couple through their free sampling and some of the colours went orange on my pale skin. But the neutral instensive? Perfection (you can read more of my review on my site http://pettheprettythings.com/personal_beauty/everyday_minera.htm).

Some people don't have a reaction to Bismuth Oxide so BE can be a great choice and I think mineral makeup in general is better for your skin. Like everything, it's just about finding the right brand.


Hi there,

If you want to know more about mineral makeup, their is a plethora of info on the web. Theirs actually quite a bit of really great mineral makeup companies that make it their business to keep irritants out of their formulas. Here are some of my favorites, everyday minerals, lumiere, monave, pure luxe, and meow. From my understanding Sheer Cover and BE use some synthetics like Bismuth. I've found that the smaller mineral makeup companies make outstanding products, and you really can tell they do it with a passion for makeup, particually mineral of course. ;) Also, Lumiere makes some outstanding makeup brushes.


Overall, I am a mineral girl. I was using BE, but the makeup looked so false on my complexion. It looks great on lighter tones. I checked out Valana Mineral Foundation. This is great for my deep brown skin. I am using a color caled Fire Goddess. The look is very natural. I love all of the BE blushes,eye shadows, and lipsticks. I'm not giving those up!


If you are looking for Mineral Makeup info or just a great pure mineral makeup, read up on the info on CMH Essentials.


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Jane Keller

Unfortunately there are those of us that are very sensitive to the Bismuth ingredient in Bare Minerals and Sheer cover. Bismuth is a natural form of arsenic lead. I can't believe that I was putting posion on my skin.

I found a wonderful alternative product in KmS Mineral Essentials. Bismuth free, it also outwears both sheer cover and bare minerals. My skin looks amazing with this product. I can't imagine putting anything else on my face!

jessica goodman

I was resigned to having ugly skin until my friend said to try Acnezine. It was unbelievable! After all these years, my acne has cleared up, and even the scars are starting to look better. I only wish they'd known how to make Acnezine a long, long time ago.

Susan G.

In my opinion, Bare Minerals are hardly the best out there- just the best marketed. They weren't exactly pioneers, either- see: Jane Iredale among others.

Bare Minerals accentuated my pores and left an unflattering finish. I've had success with other mineral brands out there- Aromaleigh, Jenulence and lately Pur Minerals. Pur Minerals is affordable and has a great range of colors- and a nice, natural, lasting finish.

elle terrell

I can wear almost any make up but BareMinerals made my skin sting. Especially in hot weather. Ever after I took it off my skin would still sting. So I have not tried any other mineral makeup because of the cost.

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I Everyone is talking about how mineral makeup is so much better than the liquid foundations and creams etc. It supposedly a lot better and healthier for your skin too. But my question is for all you people who have mineral makeup [like bare essentials] or who has ever tried it: Does it cover blemishes well? I wouldn't think it would, and that its probably too sheer. My skin isn't perfect and thats why i think i cant get mineral makeup because i need the right amount of coverage. Thanks for any answers!

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Thanks to its zero irritability factor, this skin-loving formula is a dream come true for millions of women struggling with sensitive skin, rosacea, and acne. Our Minerals is affordable and has a great range of colors- and a nice, natural, lasting finish.

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