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How to Apply Eye Shadow

Wingedeyeshadow Lips, cheeks and face are a relative breeze to apply in comparison to eye shadow. That's my biggest application problem area for sure. I was never given instructions on how to get it right and though I've read how to do it in magazines, the lack of three dimensions prevents me from really knowing my base shadow from my highlights.

Fundamentally, I know this is what you're supposed to do:

  1. Apply some sort of base (foundation) to prime the eyes
  2. Sweep a light color from below brow to lash
  3. Apply medium tone with smaller brush to lower lids
  4. Contour crease with dark color
  5. Blend

Recently (at Sephora) I was taught to use dark eyeshadow as an eye liner instead of liquid eyeliner or a pen. If there is a tip to the eye shadow business, I think that's it. Using shadow to line the eyes makes for a must more subtle eye and it's much easier.

If you were to explain to someone how to get the perfect eye, what would you say?



One of the most interesting things to me as I've been learning more about makeup in the last few years is that different eye shapes use different places to put eye makeup on. I put a darker color in my crease and a medium color on my lid like your instructions, but that's not necessarily the way it is for everyone. I don't like that this site (http://www.marykay.com/whatsnew/applicationstips/eyepromise/applyhere.aspx?tab=whatsnew) says the instructions outloud, but it's kind of a nice example. :)


Thanks Kristine! That site's instructional illustrations are great.


I usually add in my crease color first then move to the lower lids. It's easier to correct mistakes or blend the lower lid this way. Then I add the light color on the brow bone. Have you looked into brushes? Good brushes can really help, especially a good crease brush. I'm partial to MAC myself so I got the 222, 224 and 217 brushes.

I don't know if you're into MAC but if you are, you have a Pro store there and it has products that other stores do not. Some of the girls in support went there when we were in town for the party and we loved it.

Min Jung

Uh. Try having asian eyes and looking at those instructions. What's my model while growing up? Connie Chung?

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