Sephora Blockbuster Palette: Back in Stock

During my hiatus from Miss Tified, the Sephora Blockbuster palette decided to return from its very own hiatus. Of course, it's understandable that the huge value of the original, inexpensive ($40) palette contributed to its own disappearance back in winter. The folks at Sephora have brought the palette back but have slimmed it down quite a bit, as you can see from the comparison photos and descriptions (strike through represents original offering).


The original description: Who says you can't have it all? This sleek, mirrored, palette is loaded with 64 24 eyeshadows, 32 24 lip colors, seven five cheek colors, one translucent shimmer powder, four two double-ended shadow applicators, two one blush brushes, and two one lip brushes.

Bare Escentuals Bare Beauty Party

RaremineralsOkay, I like Bare Escentuals a lot, but I'm not quite ready to join the BE cult just quite yet. However, I've managed to convince my friend Krissy to head over to the BE Bare Beauty Party at Macy's (with special guest appearance by BE CEO Leslie Blodgett) next Thursday, the 25th*.  As part of my Miss Tified beat, I should do some serious on-the-scene reporting.

Instead of covering the scene, I'll probably just get a "complimentary makeunder," where complimentary means it costs $25 (that will be applied to anything I purchase). The site doesn't say this at all but when I called to reserve a slot, they asked for my credit card. Just attending the event is free, however, and I believe they will be giving away Rare Minerals Skin Revival.

In San Francisco? Interested in going? RSVP today.

* Something tells me that you can like makeup without having to attend events like this. Still, it might be worth a post or two.

I'm So Over This Part II: L'Oreal HiP

Purepigment Okay. Maybe it's because I'm not daring with my eye shadow, or maybe because I don't want to look like a clown, but I just can't figure out the deal with L'Oreal's High Intensity Pigment, particularly pure pigment shadow sticks.

Sure I can make this stuff look good. On my hand. That's when I can apply a lot of pressure and use it like a crayon. But on my eyes? Not so much. The contact with my skin and oils has made the stuff almost useless. On their website, they say "for best results, sharpen before each use with L'Oreal Paris dual sharpener." I assume that's part of my problem. But seriously, for drugstore makeup, shouldn't it be a bit easier?

ShockingshadowI haven't had much luck with Shocking Shadow Pigments in the HiP line, either.

Anyone have advice about this stuff? Yay or nay?

I'm So Over This: Revlon Lipstick Cap

Nudevelvet_1Seriously, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, is it really that hard for you to keep your cap on? You're the third lipstick from Revlon Super Lustrous series that I've owned (it has a clear cap at the top) that just won't keep its cap on. And, therefore the third Revlon lipstick that will most likely end up in my garbage. The annoying thing is that I really like the current color I'm using: Nude Velvet 125.

I know you get what you pay for (in this case I got a buy one get one free deal from my local Walgreens), but I think Revlon has been in the business long enough to know how to make a lipstick case that can keep its lid on. And when you lose things as much as I do, I don't need my lipstick manufacturer to make it easier for me.

Bare Escentuals Test Drive

BekitWhat's the scariest way to start a new makeup/foundation regimen? I have to say it involves ditching your regular foundation, buying a new and completely type of coverage and then going on a trip for a couple of days with only the new stuff on hand. Well, I did just that when I chose to leave my regular foundation and powder at home and pack my brand new Bare Escentuals Get Started Kit for my three-day trip to Las Vegas (I attended CES, the largest Consumer Electronics Show).

If that's not scary enough, try getting a comment on your blog from from someone who says that using said product led them to get a severe case of cystic acne. How about reading the comment while you're wearing the damn stuff! I felt like I had just discovered that I was wearing something radioactive and had moments to live.

I have to say that despite the risk I took (lack of good coverage, break-outs, weird mineral poisoning, the growth of an extra appendage), I'm really loving Bare Escentuals. I find that the coverage is subtle (maybe because the DVD that came with the kit scared me into the world would end if I put too much on or if I didn't swirl well enough), yet adequate. Many of the issues I've read about Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals involve shininess and itching and though I haven't had those problems, my skin seems to be dryer than usual. Maybe that's just because I was in Vegas and that place dries skin on its own.

I like the coverage a lot -- particularly after applying "Warmth." And, I feel like it covers me all day. I did a lot of speaking over the past couple days and I felt confident that I was all even-toned and stuff. And, more importantly I liked how I looked. The Mineral Veil does a great job covering my pores, but I still worry about what prolonged usage will do. Will I break out? Will my face get completely dried out? Will my face peel off?

I'm still very interested in hearing the experiences of others who have used Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals.

Mineral Makeup: Just what is it?

So I'm watching late-night television and suddenly Leeza Gibbons and Melissa Mineral Gilbert are peddling Sheer Cover makeup. My first instinct was to change the channel, but then I realized that's not in the Miss Tified spirit. I'm pretty hesitant to believe informercials so I did a little searching to see what people are saying about Sheer Cover. What I found was a lot of spam blogs and this.

Ok, but what's so special mineral makeup (what Sheer Cover is supposed to be)? Bare Escentuals seems to be the best, or at least most recognizable, brand out there. From the "Behind the Brand" section on Sephora:

A pioneer of mineral makeup, the brands i.d. bareMinerals line uses 100 percent pure, micronized minerals and is favored by dermatologists because it's free of preservatives, fragrance, oil, talc, and other potentially skin irritating ingredients. Thanks to its zero irritability factor, this skin-loving formula is a dream come true for millions of women struggling with sensitive skin, rosacea, and acne. The creamy, weightless minerals create a flawless finish, all while improving the condition and appearance of your skin.

So, what's the deal behind mineral makeup? Is it really all that?

Storing that Makeup

ClassiccaboodlesWhat's the best way to feel like you're in the seventh grade again? By being picked on? Sure. Or for a less traumatizing experience, just buy a Caboodles organizer. I had one in pink and I get my lipgloss and school supplies.

Thankfully, there are a lot more subtle options nowadays and your new Caboodles experience doesn't have to be completely 80s retro.

CaboodlesSince I wanted to have a nice, central (and inexpensive) place to store all my new makeup, I picked up the Ultimate Organizer in black at my local Walgreens. There are more options, online however. It's a nice sturdy organizer, though I wish that the depth of the drawers was a bit more. The makeup brush holders on the sides will help preventing me from losing my brushes -- the one downside is that the case won't shut when just a standard blush brush is in place.


Overall, a good starter case for me.

Bathtopia Bath of the Month

Mid_logoWhat's the best sort of Christmas present? Anything that's "of a month" kind, of course. That's why I'm totally excited about the Christmas present I just received today (it was delivered to our office instead of home) from my husband, Ben.

Bubbleroome Bathtopia's Bath of the Month delivers 12 bath goodies over the course of a year -- from bubble baths, bath salts, bath fizzies to foaming bath oils. This month's product comes from The Bubble Roome (read their blog) and is an 18oz Sandlewood and Neroli bubble bath. Also included is a little packet of foaming bath flakes from Institut Karite Paris.

Yay gifts that keep on giving!

What's in my Makeup Bag?


Here's an A-to-ZY guide to the makeup I currently own. Note that I probably have between 5-10 various lipsticks not pictured. These have been misplaced in purses, coat and jacket pockets and weren't available for the photo. I can imagine that there will be a Miss Tified post in the near future entitled "Help Me Figure Out How Not to Lose My Lipsticks!"

My collection of makeup is pretty sparse and I probably only religiously use a handful of items (C, I, N, T, Z). However to better understand the mess that is me, it's probably good to see my hodge podge of make-up. Hopefully there will be an updated Makeup Bag post that shows a more cohesive grouping.

For comparison, I'd love to see shots of other make-up bags.

And now, an inventory:

A Bronzer, Expired - now in trash
B Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-colored Corrector Peach-To-Glow
C L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup (Classic Ivory)
D Aveda Tourmaline Charged Eye Cream
E Shiseido Future Solution Eye and Lip Contour Cream [1]
F Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream
G Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter
H L'Oreal Colour Juice Lip Gloss (Pink Grapefruit)
I MAC Lipstick (Mocha #A76)
J Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer (Cocoa)
K Revlon LipGlide Color Gloss (Glazed Almond #150)
L Revlon Timeliner for Lips (Blackberry)
M MAC Lip Pencil (Whirl & Spice)
N Sephora Blockbuster Palette
O Sephora Colorful Mono (#06)
P Stila Eyeshadow (Ebony)
Q L'Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigment (Restless #918)
R L'Oreal HIP high Intensity Pigment (Mesmerizing #338)
S Cover Girl Shadow Squease (latte chocolate #430)
T Almay One Coat Nourishing Mascara Triple Effect Waterproof (Black #02)
U Revlon Lash Fantasy Waterproof (Blackest Black)
V Almay Eyeliner (Black)
W Coverstay Liquid Liner (Icy Black #01)
X Guerlain Meteorites (Beige Chic #03, Fresh Pink #02, Mythic #01)
Y Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil Free Concealer (correcting green #06)

[1] Just for the record. I did not purchase this $225 product. I received it as a gift from a conference I attended (Shiseido was a sponsor). And for the double record, now that I know that this thing costs so much money, I'm actually going to use the stuff!

Free Lucky Magazine Subscription at Amazon

Lucky Spend $25 or more at Beauty, Apparel, Shoes, or Jewelry and Watches and receive a one-year subscription to Lucky Magazine. You have four days to take Amazon up on the offer for it expires on December 31, 2006.

Want some ideas where to spend that $25? These beauty items on Amazon seem to be the most bang for the buck:

Hardcandy Hard Candy Take Out Makeup Kit
Product Description: Served in a pretty pink, tri-level case, the Take Out Makeup Kit is an extra-large helping of makeup must-haves, carry-out style. A complete makeup meal, this gourmet goodie is packed with beautiful treats for the eyes, lips, and cheeks. From lashes to liners to lips, Take Out will have you decked out in no time at all. Cute, clever, and convenient, Take Out Makeup Kit is the Dim Sum of makeup palettes: lots of choices, just what you crave. Price: $25

Stila_1Stila Perfectly Kitten ($53 value)
Product Description: A set inspired by Stila's award-winning and best-selling eyeshadow, Kitten.What else you need to know:This sparkly set promises to be this season's ultimate gift. This exclusive collection includes a limited-edition eyeshadow, All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer, and IT Gloss, all in Kitten's signature silvery, champagne pink shade. Packed in a pretty faux suede makeup bag, this gorgeous color looks beautiful on all skin types so it is perfect for gift giving for you. Price: $32

Bare Escentuals Field of Gleams
Field Product Description: Four 100 percent pure, naturally glowy bareMinerals Glimmers make it easy to give your eyes an endless array of shimmering looks that can be worn dry to add subtle highlights or wet for a high-sheen gleam.  Shades include: Azure Glimmer (peacock blue), Bloom Glimmer (French lavender), Sunshine Glimmer (baby yellow), and Wildflower Glimmer (brilliant pink), in a floral-print makeup case. Price: $38


Beauty Stuff to Buy

  • Kevyn Aucoin: Face Forward

    Kevyn Aucoin: Face Forward
    "The ultimate beauty bookboth gorgeous and practical. Face Forward showcases Kevyn Aucoins incredible transformations of famous and ordinary people alike, and reveals through its step-by-step instructions how makeup can give anyone a variety of different faces."

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    Allure: Confessions of a Beauty Editor
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