In Praise of Bangs!

It's not makeup, but it's appearance related: Let me tell you how much I'm loving my new bangs. Um, well... I'm loving my new bangs.

Janebirkin_01Last weekend, I got to be one of those sad people who go to see a hair stylist, photo of a beautiful celebrity in hand and ask for "that." My stylist looked at the picture of Jane Birkin (my beautiful celebrity) and said "are you serious?!?" Thankfully, I knew she was just showing her concern about how drastic the cut would be.

Yeah, I didn't leave the chair looking like Jane B., but that has more to do with genetics than my hair dresser. After a day of feeling depressed about how my bangs made me look like a kid, I really started to love them.

Mena at MesaSince bangs require an amount of blow drying effort and I often wash my hair the night before work, I also picked up a bottle of Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo last weekend. It's supposed to keep a blow-out looking clean and oil-free even if you don't shampoo for a day or two. I can't go more than a day without washing my hair, so I'm not sure if it's going to get much use. I have noticed that this stuff is good for making my bangs look a bit fuller. It has a nice scent too, though it is a tad bit overwhelming.


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