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My Makeup Morning Routine

What better way to get advice on how to put on makeup than by posting a video of me actually putting on my makeup? Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Most. Boring. Video. Ever. And yes, it's pretty dry. The original video took about 9 minutes and through the modern marvel of video editing has been sped up to clock in at about 2 minutes.

A funny note about the video: You may notice that I keep on rubbing my nose. No, it's not a coke habit surfacing its ugly little head. At about 42 seconds, I accidently cut my nose with my fingernail as I apply my BE Mineral Veil. The rest of the video, I'm rubbing the blood off my nose. That, in a nutshell, is why I'm so pathetic. Pathetic, but professional all the way - I'm just that way for Miss Tified.




Did your cut heal on your nose??? Why is it that our nails always get in the way of things? I noticed that when I tried growing out my nails [naturally], I would wake up in the morning with scratches on my face.


That looks like something I would do! Fun video, thanks for sharing :)


Cool video!


That video was so much fun to watch. You don't make the stupid, gaped-mouth expressions that I tend to - which I admire. (My friends call it my "mascara face.") And I have to ask, how did you get your hair looking so perfect so quickly? Can we see a hairstyling video?


hey, this is so cute. I just found your blog. it is simlilar to ours - we did this with fake eyelashes, try putting those on and recording it - what women go through - we are nuts :)


Dear Miss Tified,

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Nice video!!!


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it's actually a great video :) and don't worry, you won't scar your nose

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