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Creating a Canvas

Special Guest Post
I asked Krissy (the friend I'm dragging to the BE event) to tell Miss Tified's readers a little bit about her makeup regimen. Here's her response:

Whether you're wanting to play up your eyes, cheeks or mouth, make-up and color always look better when you've created an even-toned, clear canvas on your face.  Unless you were born with perfect skin, this can be easier said than done.  For instance, I've always had really dark undereye circles.   I get tons of sleep (8 to 9 hours a night), drink plenty of water and eat a fairly good diet, so I chalk up my dark circles to genetics.  My skin in this area is very delicate so I'm careful not to tug or rub on it too much.  Having very pale skin also means that any blemishes, redness and little broken veins show up pretty prominently.  I've noticed that these days I need a little more makeup than I used to, and that makeup starts to slide off my face about halfway through the day. 

Here's what I've found in my quest to create an even-toned canvas for pale skin:

I use Benefit's Dear John moisturizer every morning after washing my face.  It's a thick cream that moisturizes dry areas without making my face greasy.  There's nothing worse than a watery moisturizer that feels like it's not doing anything, and moisturizers that are too thick make me worry that they'll clog my pores.  This one is, as they say, just right.

Eyecon_1 Eye area
I follow the moisturizer with Benefit's Eyecon underneath my eyes, following under the lash line and spreading down to the top of the cheekbone.  It's a thick cream that moisturizes and feels like it forms a little protective layer over the delicate skin.  I follow that up with TouchbaseBenefit's Ooh La Lift on the same area.  It's a light pink liquid that's supposed to depuff, firm and brighten.  Mixed together with the Eyecon, it prepares my undereye area for the next step, concealer.

For the eyelid itself, I use Clinique's Touch Base for Eyes in "Canvas", naturally.  It makes my eyelids a neutral color and covers any tiny veins or discoloration.  It can be worn by itself, or if I add eyeshadow on top of it, it serves as a nice primer to hold it in place.

I've searched high and low for a good concealer over the years.  Concelears that are too solid never seem to be the right color and they are difficult to apply, and concealers that are too watery tend to slip right off my skin.  The best I've found is Fresh's Absolute Concealer in shade No. 1, the palest color.  The Fresh container is a little cylindrical pump that delivers a small squirt of liquid concealer.  I like the liquid because it allows me to apply a thin layer without tugging at my skin.  It's thin enough that it could melt away on bare skin after a while, but the combination of Benefit's Eyecon + Ooh La Lift forms a nice base that helps my concealer stay put.

Bluffing_1 For the rest of my face, Benefit's You're Bluffing - a yellow-hued stick that only comes in one shade - is great for redness or dark areas around the nose or at the outer corners of the eyes.  For paler areas, I dab on the Fresh concealer. 

Two things I haven't included in my routine are foundation and powder.  Do you use them?  Which brands do you recommend?



I’m extremely fair (a nice way of saying freakishly pale) and I have blue-red undertones to my skin so most foundations and concealers look yellow on me. I use Prescriptives Flawless Skin foundation and concealer, which blend perfectly with my hard-to-match skin tone. And they both have SPF (15 and 25, respectively). I apply them with a brush (a foundation brush for the foundation and a concealer brush for the concealer, obviously) and they last all day. The concealer does a great job covering under-eye circles, red spots, blemishes, etc. without ever looking cakey.


I use the Dear John cream every morning and it's wonderful. I have a combination of dry and oily skin and it's just the right consistency. I don't often wear foundation, but I have Prescriptives No 1 which is great.


I used to hate foundation until I used MAC's liquid studio finish foundation. It is no heavier than lotion but it evens things out really well. I find that concealer makes my face look more makeuppy than I like, so I skip it.


I generally avoid makeup. But sometimes, there are places, where I need to look as gorgeous as possible. Anyways, thanks for the tips.


Hmm.. I've generally not loved Benefit products. I had tried the EyeCon and it didn't seem to work at all on my bags. *sigh* But, like you said, maybe "consistent use rather than the product that makes all the difference." ??

I just tried Oh, La Lift and Bo-ing and have found those to be okay, not miracle workers though. And, their Bad Gal Lash is alright, but flakes on me and gets too much mascara on the end. I dunno... I'm kinda wanting to try Dear john, now though!

I'm pale too and have been using sunless tanner on my face which evens it out and helps with developing that canvas.


i love your blog! i have pretty much the same blog www.chikeeshow.wordpress.com but i love yours more.

well, i do have a lot of blog and it's hard to maintain it.

anyway, i read the cabooodles make up box and they don't have it here in perth, australia :(

i hope you don't mind but i am putting you in my blog roll list.

enjoy your weekend!




Have you tried Laura Mercier products? I love their Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer and I've turned several friends on to her Translucent Powder. I'm currently on a mission to find my holy grail foundation and so far the Laura Mercier combo is it. The search continues, though ...


Dang, I just wrote this long diatribe about foundation and powder and I just lost it all. Anyway, I feel your pain about needing to find a foundation and powder. I've never been happy with the ones I've tried, but I recently just discovered Laura Mercier products. I use the Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer and the Translucent Setting Powder and I love it so far.

Dark Circle Under Eyes Blog

Thanks for the great tips.. I'm wondering how long does it actually takes to complete all the steps?


Skin Care Beauty Zone

Well I'm happy to read this article,its so nice.. Nonetheless mostly i won't use makeup,But sometimes...[lol] .Nyways Thanks for sharing information buddy.
u have done nice job keep up the work.

Beauty Marked!

Wow! I love your blog and all of your well informed anecdotes. What a great read!


The best foundation and powder is definitely Cover FX's Natural FX. I too am freakishly white and alway have trouble finding shade light enough. I am E0 in colour but you may be c10 and there powder Setting FX is the best there is. It doesn't make you look chalky or dry and doesn't clog pores. Check it out at www.sephora.com

Organic Cosmetics

This is quite a cool advice on your part. I would surely try to remember this the next time I put the makeup on. :-)


Ricky’s NYC has a lot of affordable name-brand makeup available in store and on their website (www.rickysnyc.com), including their exclusive makeup line called Mattese Elite. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re interested.

Lauri Hersh

Make-ups are truly helpful for enhancing your appearance. Usually, girls and women use these. As of now, I haven't encountered men who use make-ups, unless they're actors or they're in for some major event or party. Here in Boca Raton, (FL), there's a dermatologist who offers effective beauty surgeries like Botox and Juverderm.


Our skin is like a canvas, and the fresher the canvas, the prettier the painting will be. Therefore, the best way to achieve good skin is by proper cleansing. It's one of the most important beauty tips.

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My mother would wear the same makeup for several days and just touch it up," Mary says, "but I can't stress enough how important it is to remove makeup and sunscreen and to cleanse your pores. Even if you don't wear makeup, a night-time cleansing is important to remove pollution and perspiration from your skin


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I have been doing makeup and training makeup artists since last century.
To hide dark circles use a concealor with an orange under tone, as the blue is more severe add more orange. Yes the concealor should be slightly lighter than the skin tone, but never drastically or the blue will be more noticeable and highlighted.


Face primers work wonders to help foundation look amazing and last longer.


Thank you, I've been curious about eyecon. Nice to see how you put it to use.

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