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Bare Escentuals Test Drive

BekitWhat's the scariest way to start a new makeup/foundation regimen? I have to say it involves ditching your regular foundation, buying a new and completely type of coverage and then going on a trip for a couple of days with only the new stuff on hand. Well, I did just that when I chose to leave my regular foundation and powder at home and pack my brand new Bare Escentuals Get Started Kit for my three-day trip to Las Vegas (I attended CES, the largest Consumer Electronics Show).

If that's not scary enough, try getting a comment on your blog from from someone who says that using said product led them to get a severe case of cystic acne. How about reading the comment while you're wearing the damn stuff! I felt like I had just discovered that I was wearing something radioactive and had moments to live.

I have to say that despite the risk I took (lack of good coverage, break-outs, weird mineral poisoning, the growth of an extra appendage), I'm really loving Bare Escentuals. I find that the coverage is subtle (maybe because the DVD that came with the kit scared me into the world would end if I put too much on or if I didn't swirl well enough), yet adequate. Many of the issues I've read about Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals involve shininess and itching and though I haven't had those problems, my skin seems to be dryer than usual. Maybe that's just because I was in Vegas and that place dries skin on its own.

I like the coverage a lot -- particularly after applying "Warmth." And, I feel like it covers me all day. I did a lot of speaking over the past couple days and I felt confident that I was all even-toned and stuff. And, more importantly I liked how I looked. The Mineral Veil does a great job covering my pores, but I still worry about what prolonged usage will do. Will I break out? Will my face get completely dried out? Will my face peel off?

I'm still very interested in hearing the experiences of others who have used Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals.



The first time I tried this product, I thought it was awful. I don't have sensitive skin but for some reason, it left me with a bad dry patch of skin and my face was stinging. My theory is that it was the brush. For some reason, I decided to try it again, only this time I used a completely different brush. I now love this product. I have yet to break out or get the dry patch that I had last time. I feel good about using this product now, I'll be taking it with me when we go down there for the party in a few weeks. Now I'm interested in BE's other products. This one in particular looks pretty cool:


I've been using BE for a long while, probably over a year and a half now. I love it and won't leave the house without putting it on. I HATE traditional foundations, so it says a lot that I love it. I love it even more now that I have the kabuki and baby buki brushes. It's really important to keep BE brushes fairly clean, or they will get a little scratchy.

I do get some itchiness on my eyelids (probably mildly allergic to the mica) but I use Urban Decay's Primer Potion as a layer between the skin and the foundation, and that works perfectly. An all over primer is nice, too but not necessary.

You'll know you put on too much when your skin looks fake-ish and has a weird sheen. It's easier to build up coverage gradually, rather than going whole-hog.

I also use BE eyeshadows and the Coffee Bean eyeliner, but I haven't branched out beyond that into their lipglosses and such.

I'm glad you drank the BE kool-aid ;)


I forgot to mention - I have pretty sensitive skin (can't use anything harsh or fragranced without getting a rash) but I haven't had any issues. If anything, my skin looks better, probably because of the natural SPF :)


Yay! Thanks, guys. I'm glad to hear your experience since I'm liking this stuff and would hate to find out it's bad for me.


A friend of mine gave me the BE starter kit for Christmas. I've had bad experience with other Mineral Powders (*cough, Sheer, cough, Cover*) but with BE, I haven't broken out, and I almost never have to retouch! I love the "Warmth" too :P
I have oily skin, and was afraid I'd have to retouch every so often ... but I don't!


I totally love BE Bare Minerals - I expected the product to fall short of all the accolades and advertisements but for me it's a miracle product. My skin truly looks radiant. I have never had any adverse reaction and the only problem I have is shine - but that happens no matter what. Mineral Veil usually takes care of that.

Glad to hear that you are liking it too!


I'm very impressed that you had the time at CES to apply this! I did it on day one, but by the end of the show I was walking round with nothing but hastily applied concealer on. You're right about Vegas drying the skin though, I have super-oily skin and even I was slathering on moisturiser by the end.

I use bare minerals and mineral veil, applied with a sephora bronzer brush (which is just like the kabuki but with a longer handle) and love it. It doesn't seem to upset my temporamental skin too much, and gives good coverage without being too mask-like.


I have to say that I LOVE BE too, and just like you, ordered the starter kit. I've been using it now for about 2 months, and I really think it does make my skin look better. I just tried the "pure radiance" and the "clear radiance" and they really do add a very subtle something.


I'm so happy with BE Bare Minerals! I didn't think it would be enough coverage at all for me - - but yeah, with layering, it's totally enough. Except, i do still use NARS concealer in Custard under my eyes. I will never go back to liquid foundation though. I feel like it has improved my skin, specifically by reducing the amount of acne, and I love getting that natural SPF from the minerals.


I am still trying to find out which product I should choose to buy. Should it be Sheer Cover or Bare Minerals? What is the difference with the two?


After having used id Bare Minerals I was given a new starter kit from a company "Simply Karen". They have so many foundation colors to choose from it's frightening! and the prices were pretty darn good. It seems to be a lot 'fluffier' though. Does anyone know about Simply Karen?


I'm heartbroken- I loved the look. BUT- I broke out severely. I still wore it for a month or so thinking my skin would get used to it as I had invested over $250- My skin did not clear up. And sadly, I bought it a couple months before I started using it so I can not get my $$ back (waited until I used up my other makeup). The other downfall was the mess- Powder all other my sink area. I could live with that- I can not overlook the acne. I have since read another review from a woman that had acne as a teenager that had the same experience as me. I had acne and I have sensitive skin- If that describes you, I would hestiate before investing in this product.


Hiya, I bought the make-up brush, the medium coloured foundation and the warmth bronzer from by beautitians, I thought it was ok but quite expensive, it looks better at night than day and the foundation seemed really shiny and pearly which is exactly what i was trying to avoid. Owell, I'm sure a lot of people would like it but I think you can get just as good a look with cheaper highstreet make-up than paying all of that for BE. The brush was really good though and works well with other powders of other brands. [=


I do get some itchiness on my eyelids (probably mildly allergic to the mica) but I use Urban Decay's Primer Potion as a layer between the skin and the foundation, and that works perfectly. An all over primer is nice, too but not necessary.


I am probably older than the resdt of you (maybe??) at 48. I had some acne as a teenager, but not much. I am hyper-allergenic, mean that I have super-sensitive skin and have battled rashes, hives and breakouts from makeup since I was a teen. Not with BE, though. As a result of menopause, I have some ruddiness and hyper-pigmentation (lovely brown streaks in the hollows of my cheeks and more redness on the cheeks than I would like). I find that I get better coverage on that stuff if I apply BE wet (mist the kabuki brush just a tiny bit before I swirl, don't bother to tap, and then buff away). So, if I want really maximum coverage, I do that, but most days I wear it dry.

I will say, though, that I have completely given up an eye-shadow, all powder shadows seem to make me itch now, mineral or not. Will have to try that eye primer noted above to see if it helps!). Most days, I just line and put on the mascara and go. But, then again, at my age, eye-shadow might look overdone anyway!! :)

Jane Keller

I love the concept of mineral makeup, however my skin is sensitive to the Bismuth Oxychloride that is in the Bare Minerals, Sheer Cover, and other major product lines. Bismuth is a natural form of Arsenic Lead, and there are many that cannot tolerate this mineral on their skin. I have since found an alternative mineral cosmetic that is still derived of 100% pure minerals minus the Bismuth; KmS Mineral Essentials. This makeup has really gone the distance when it comes to wear, and has improved my complexion and overall appearance of my skin since using it. It is amazingly cost effective too! I would reccomend it to anyone with sensitive skin, rosacea, or to anyone looking for an alternative to the big brands


Old? At 48? I'm 68! I first tried Bare Minerals 2 years ago and LOVE it. I've worn makeup since age 16 and HATE to go out without it. I never thought I could give up foundation and loose powder but Bare Minerals looks more natural and if I have to remove some smudged mascara I don't make a "hole" in my makeup as I did with liquid foundation. It is expensive but have tried one cheaper make and it was frightful so I must eke out the pension to buy it as long as I can. Never give up!!


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I've read a lot of good stuff about bare essentials, but I've also heard a few that weren't best pleased with them. Guess the few that don't like it have a skin type that doesn't mesh well with it or something.


I have just started using this and must say it itches and stings and so I will not be carrying on. They claim it is suits all skins - this is not true. I do not have a particularly sensitive skin but this product hurt!!

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