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What's in my Makeup Bag?


Here's an A-to-ZY guide to the makeup I currently own. Note that I probably have between 5-10 various lipsticks not pictured. These have been misplaced in purses, coat and jacket pockets and weren't available for the photo. I can imagine that there will be a Miss Tified post in the near future entitled "Help Me Figure Out How Not to Lose My Lipsticks!"

My collection of makeup is pretty sparse and I probably only religiously use a handful of items (C, I, N, T, Z). However to better understand the mess that is me, it's probably good to see my hodge podge of make-up. Hopefully there will be an updated Makeup Bag post that shows a more cohesive grouping.

For comparison, I'd love to see shots of other make-up bags.

And now, an inventory:

A Bronzer, Expired - now in trash
B Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-colored Corrector Peach-To-Glow
C L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup (Classic Ivory)
D Aveda Tourmaline Charged Eye Cream
E Shiseido Future Solution Eye and Lip Contour Cream [1]
F Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream
G Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter
H L'Oreal Colour Juice Lip Gloss (Pink Grapefruit)
I MAC Lipstick (Mocha #A76)
J Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer (Cocoa)
K Revlon LipGlide Color Gloss (Glazed Almond #150)
L Revlon Timeliner for Lips (Blackberry)
M MAC Lip Pencil (Whirl & Spice)
N Sephora Blockbuster Palette
O Sephora Colorful Mono (#06)
P Stila Eyeshadow (Ebony)
Q L'Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigment (Restless #918)
R L'Oreal HIP high Intensity Pigment (Mesmerizing #338)
S Cover Girl Shadow Squease (latte chocolate #430)
T Almay One Coat Nourishing Mascara Triple Effect Waterproof (Black #02)
U Revlon Lash Fantasy Waterproof (Blackest Black)
V Almay Eyeliner (Black)
W Coverstay Liquid Liner (Icy Black #01)
X Guerlain Meteorites (Beige Chic #03, Fresh Pink #02, Mythic #01)
Y Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil Free Concealer (correcting green #06)

[1] Just for the record. I did not purchase this $225 product. I received it as a gift from a conference I attended (Shiseido was a sponsor). And for the double record, now that I know that this thing costs so much money, I'm actually going to use the stuff!



I love posts like this. :) I did a post like this once for another blog, you can see it here:

I also posted video clips of my makeup cart. It's out of date though. That's posted here:


I also have tons of make-up but I really only use my L'Oreal Super-blendable make-up and matching powder. I think its the best make-up out there for the price I use a light lip color and sometimes I just use chapstick! When I go out I throw on some Revlon Creme Shadow. I love the new site Mena, its great! Maybe later I will post a picture of my make-up on my Vox blog... great idea!


Carla: I salute you. *That's* a makeup collection.

Min Jung


I've recently gone through a makeup audit as well and I typically do this about every 6 months -- making sure to toss expired products that could couse eye ouchies and what not.

I also wash my brushes with baby shampoo about that time.

Gotta introduce you to latest favoritist line of cosmetic goodies!
Missha (yes - it's korean) but their make-up fitter is absolutely - perfect. Light, easy, and really sets foundation perfectly. (Plus it's pretty inexpensive,yo)

When you start battling with liquid eyeliner, drop me a line. I'll ping you with the secret advice that sorority sisters give each other on that subject.


Hhhhmmm.... My makeup bag looks like it needs updating, but here it is none the less. ;)


By the way, love the sentiment of this blog! I have no clue what 85% of the products out are used for nor how to make my makeup look amazing like some people. So, I feel your pain, good luck! :)


Wow! This is a wonderful makeup collection. Need to be lucky to have all A-Z stuffs in your handbag!


Big kudos to you Mena, on your efforts. I'm sure soon you'll be far more informed than most of us.

Just read an interesting/informative article--"The Cosmetics Restriction Diet" in the online New York Times.
It begins like this: Forget $200 beauty creams and medicine cabinets full of products. The best regimen for your face involves three simple steps and nothing more expensive than $30.
Here's the link: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/04/fashion/04skin.html?th&emc=th
though I notice it's the "most emailed" article at the NYTimes right now so you may have seen it.

Again, great job here!



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Wow so beautiful collection of makeup bag. I have someone in my life who is a crazy-maker. It’s always chaos with them. As an alternative of taking responsibility for setting good boundaries.


What a complete set. My wife would never ask for more.


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