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Guerlain Meteorites Powder: Best Thing Ever?

In the November issue of Allure (I do read other magazines), I read an article (Legends of the Mall) about the makeup/beauty items that warrant the most devotion. It was a list of items that no woman should live without. And yet, to no surprise, I hadn't heard of most of them.

The one that caught my attention the most was Guerlain Meterorites Powder. From the Allure article:

"The idea from Meteorites came from China, where women had long been condensing face poweder into tiny balls to ration it. Researchers at Guerlain decided this format would be perfect for blending colors: green to hide redness, pink to add rosiness, and white and gold to provide a soft glow...This was the product that showed women how to make their skin glow in a foulproof way, and it's popular to this day for that reason."

Meteorites_1 Make my skin glow in a foulproof way? That certainly sounded good. Inspired, I picked up a package of Meteorites in a Duty Free shop in London during my last business trip. Anyone who flies a lot knows that plane travel wrecks havoc on your "soft glow" so I welcomed the transformation.

Meteorites makes sense know since we've been introduced to a great number of products that does the blending of different colors thing. I even had a couple powers that did just that -- but they were compressed powders, not the magic little balls.

Foulproof? No. I managed to drop a couple of the balls each time I applied my brush to the powder. My first mistake was treating it like blush. It's too subtle -- this stuff needs to be all over the face. When applied, there is a nice glow. It's dependent on a nice application of foundation to really look good.

At $64 for three little containers, it is certainly not worth the price. Or maybe it is, and that's why I'm just clueless about beauty. I guess I was just expecting something miraculous to happen. Even so, I still use it every day.

Have you used Meteorites?



Please tell me how to use the Guerlain Meteorites Powder correctly. thanks.


Great tips. One more tip is to buy good makeup from Crave Beauty Online.


about guerlain meteorites

I understand what you mean about the little containers, because that's what my friend got for me too, at a duty free store.

But I must tell you, you should totally get the original size container(maybe they don't sell this at duty free stores). It's much better, because the balls don't fall out, and you have room to mix all the balls.

The mini container makes it difficult to mix the balls colors together with a brush.
Once you get the original size, you will love it. Just make sure you get the correct shade. I'm asian, and I use mythic. They also come in rosy, and gold glow or something.


I think that it maybe was Guerlain who introduced the different colour blending in a single product. My mother has been using Guerlain meteorites since I can remember.

I used to watch her while using all those little colourful balls... they seemed so magical!

I do use them and from my point of view they are one of the best beauty products ever.

I agree with Gwen, they do work great if you get the right size, just move them all together into a bigger box.


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